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Holy Eucharist and Online Worship

Join our livestream on Facebook or YouTube every Sunday at 10AM.

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We are a church with two campuses for worship: online via our website, YouTube, and Facebook pages, and in person at 106 W. Church Street. We invite you to join us whenever and wherever you can, so that the good news of God’s love will be proclaimed and our lives will be transformed.

We are rapidly learning that while we might prefer to be in each other’s physical presence, this is not necessary for God to be present with us. We can be one body in Christ, even if we are worshiping from our homes, on the road, or living far from Frederick, Maryland.


  • 8am: In-Person, Historic Church
  • 10am: In-Person and Livestreamed, Historic Church

8:00 AM – Sunday Worship – Historic Church
10:00 AM – Sunday Worship –  Youtube & In-person Historic Church

7:30 AM – Morning Prayer – Conference Call: 267-807-9605, #219716
5:30 PM – Evening Prayer – Facebook Live

7:30 AM – Morning Prayer – Conference Call: 267-807-9605, #219716
5:30 PM – Evening Prayer – Facebook Live

7:30 AM – Morning Prayer – Conference Call: 267-807-9605, #219716
5:30 PM – Eucharist with Prayers for Healing – St. Paul’s Chapel

7:30 AM – Morning Prayer – Conference Call: 267-807-9605, #219716
5:30 PM – Evening Prayer – Facebook Live

7:30 AM – Morning Prayer – Conference Call: 267-807-9605, #219716
5:30 PM – Evening Prayer – Facebook Live

8:30 AM – Centering Prayer – Conference Call (Email for code)

Regathering for In-Person Worship

As our community experiences a downturn in the COVID pandemic and easing of restrictions, we would like to ensure that folks in our parish have the information needed to prevent serious illness from SARS-COV-2 infection. Click here for more details.
During the Services, we encourage, but do not require, mask-wearing. The Clergy, Lectors, and Choir may take off their masks as they feel appropriate, with social distancing, to lead Worship. Additional instructions regarding Communion will be given during the Service. We do this out of an abundance of caution for those in our Congregation that are vulnerable.

Holy Eucharist

The word Eucharist is a Greek word meaning “Thanksgiving”. Every time we gather for worship at the altar, sharing the bread and wine of Christ’s body and blood, we are experiencing a Holy Thanksgiving. Just as Jesus gathered at a table with his disciples on the night before his betrayal, arrest, and crucifixion, we gather at the table and give thanks for Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection.

It might seem strange that we offer thanks for Jesus’ death. Usually death, and especially a terrible death on the cross, is not the kind of thing we say “Thank you,” about. But we believe that Jesus’ willingness to die on the cross was a powerful way for God to respond to our violence with the power of love. At the altar table we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection as evidence that God’s love is more powerful than our fear and all the ways we lash out instead of choosing love. We consume the bread and the wine so that we might share in Jesus’ life of choosing love and healing the world.


These are the two major feast days in our church calendar. The days that we remember Jesus’ birth and the day that we remember Jesus’ resurrection from death. Many people celebrate these holy days, even if they do not attend worship throughout the year. This is a beautiful time to remind people of their belovedness and invite them to dig deeper into a rule of life that could nurture them every Sunday of the year.


Serving in Worship

Worship requires many hands and hearts and bodies to make all the pieces come together effortlessly and smoothly… maybe you are called to serve in this way? Reach out to the church office to get involved.

  • Usher – assist to prepare the worship space, welcome people into worship, count the number of people present, collect the offering, manage traffic to and from the altar table for communion and generally keep order flowing.
  • Verger – assist the clergy to prepare the worship space and the various individuals who are serving on that Sunday.  Making sure that everyone is present, and if not, substitutes are found to read, serve the chalice.
  • Lectors – read the scripture lessons from the Old and New Testaments and offer the prayers of the people.
  • Chalice Bearers – gather at the altar table for the Eucharistic prayer and serve the chalice to the congregation when we come forward to for communion.
  • Acolytes – keep the lights lit in the worship space, carry torches, the cross, and swing the thurible of incense whenever we have a special day in the church calendar.
  • Altar Guild – prepares the altar and chancel for every worship service so that the leaders and the congregation have everything they need to let worship unfold. They are a ministry that exists in the background, if they are doing their job well, you never even know they were there.
  • Music – Our music director, Jesse Radcliff, leads the community to make music with one voice at every worship service. We have been limiting our singing choirs to prerecorded music during this time of COVID 19 infection… but as soon as it is safe again, a great song will come from our hearts and voices. If you would like to be a part of any of our choirs, reach out to Adam Koch anytime.

To get involved, email the church office at churchoffice@allsaintsmd.org.