What “Welcome Forward” Looks Like

WHEN: October 3, 2021

Sometimes it is hard to see where we are going in the wilderness, but as a church, we keep going – buoyed by the small victories as we grapple with our adversities. And what keeps us going is each other, shining God’s light on the path.

At the time the vestry planned our Welcome Forward celebration, we did not foresee the resurgence of the COVID-19 that is occurring right now. Difficult as it is, the vestry realizes that this is not the time to have a big event, given the risk this could have on everyone’s safety. It is, rather, a time to recalibrate and find ways to support each other as we deal with the losses and changes associated with the pandemic. Our hope is that we come together on this journey to being a church community in the current environment and celebrate our resilience and our accomplishments in making “church” available to all. This may involve being together safely in small groups, online, and in the outdoors—”Forward” means different things at different times. With that in mind, we will welcome Mother Adrien home from her sabbatical on Sunday, October 3 at each of the worship services. Watch your blasts for more details.

– All Saints’ Vestry

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