Welcome to All Saints’ Episcopal Church

We Embody the Resurrection Story

We are so grateful that you have joined us. Whether you are just checking us out, or you are making this your new faith home, your presence makes us more completely the Body of Christ.

We believe that each of us carries a unique understanding of God’s love because of the way our lives have experienced that love. Your life story joins with ours and the Gospel narrative of Jesus’ life to form a more complete resurrection story. We are grateful! We embody the resurrection story!

Our Mission

This community has been journeying together since 1742—a lot has happened over the years. God is always leading us “to reconcile all people to God and each other through Christ.” The overarching mission of the church comes right out of the Book of Common Prayer (pg. 855). The particular way that we live this out at All Saints’ is a dynamic conversation between God and the community.

Each year, the mission is refined and articulated by the vestry and clergy leadership of the church. The mission of the church is organic: it changes, grows, and challenges us to become the community of faith that God knows the world needs. Your presence helps form and fulfill our mission.

Welcome to All Saints' Episcopal Church