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Study and Learning

Formation in the Faith

We believe that all Christians grow deeper in their faith by studying and learning the scripture, tradition, theology, spiritual practices, and history of our faith. There are many different entry points into this journey of formation in the faith.

Children and youth are invited to join regularly scheduled age-appropriate learning environments to build community and knowledge, typically on Sunday mornings. Adults have a variety of options, from Sunday morning forum gatherings to small groups, workshops, book studies, and retreats.

Discerning the Word of God in our Life of Faith

In the Episcopal Church we encourage every person to ask questions and seek new understanding as their faith grows and life presents complexities and challenges.

We do not believe that there is “one answer” to questions of faith, but rather formation is a community exploration to discern the Word of God. The beliefs of the Episcopal Church are most clearly understood in our life of prayer and worship. We do not have a doctrinal faith, but rather that praying shapes believing. And consequently, our believing also shapes our praying.


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