Stewardship Opportunities
at All Saints’ Episcopal Church

We are all stewards of the church — at the heart of our theology of stewardship is the awareness that the church does not belong to us, it is a gift from God. God gathers us in community with one another today, and over the generations, at All Saints’. God calls us to serve the world around us with love and compassion for the restoration of the world. As stewards, we care for the church and keep it resourced for the work each generation is called to accomplish.


We have three main resources:

Finances, Buildings & Grounds, and Leadership.

The contribution of your financial pledge allows us to fund the annual ministries of the church. Our ministries require financial support for our annual operating budget (approximately $1 million) and to build up financial resources for the future ministries God is calling us to embrace. Because we are an historic church, founded in 1742, one of the gifts from our past is our buildings. As much as we enjoy the beauty and history of prayer soaked into these walls, the buildings also require a lot of attention and maintenance.


A majority of the members of All Saints’ make a commitment to our church in the form of an annual financial pledge, which helps us plan our mission. Some members tithe, promising ten percent of their income. Others give proportionally by committing a percentage of their choosing and growing that amount each year. Still others give as they are able; our financial situations can be fluid and we live in a time of economic upheaval. What is most important is that everyone supports “Doing What Love Requires” in the form of a financial pledge of any amount.


Register Your Pledge With

We ask you to register your pledge with the church through so that we have a record of what you intend to give over the course of the year. We encourage you to make your contribution electronically through, set up an ACH withdrawal, or use your own electronic banking to set up the church as a payee. Some people feel most secure sending in a paper check to the church office. We recognize that during this time of pandemic precautions, we are learning new ways of making our offering to the church and we would like to help you do what feels the most faithful.

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Join us for worship online at the church’s Facebook and YouTube locations, every Sunday at 10am.

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