Dear good people of All Saints’ Church!

As many of you will remember, we held our first Rice Bowl Lenten collection since prior to the pandemic. This year we chose Drop In The Bucket as the beneficiary of the monies raised. Drop In The Bucket builds water wells in remote African villages that do not have access to fresh water. This year we raised $3,600 toward this effort. I would like to sincerely thank all who supported this effort. The funds have been sent to Drop In The Bucket and the well has been constructed. The well is at a school called Mwendanfuku Primary School in Iganga, Uganda. It is on the eastern side of Uganda and is an area that took in a lot of displaced people from the north during the fighting. They were kind enough to send us pictures from the village. This well will make such a positive impact on the students and the villagers. We can all be proud of this effort and I hope we all take pride in the knowledge that we are doing God’s work. Again, thank you all for your generous support of Drop In The Bucket and the good people of Uganda. Enjoy the pictures!

For anyone who would like more information or to offer more support for water wells, please go to

Peace and blessings,
Cathy Guzauskas