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Prayer & Worship


Learn more about our Sunday Worship opportunities, including service times and information about our online and in-person services. Also learn about opportunities to serve and get involved in worship.

At the heart of our Christian faith community is the renewing and transforming practice of worship and prayer. We follow the Episcopal worship tradition, using the Book of Common Prayer as a guide for our annual, seasonal, weekly and daily worship habits. In the context of a worshipping community we offer the sacraments of communion and baptism. We surround people in worship for the life affirming sacramental acts of confirmation, confession, ordination, marriage, and burial.

Contemporary & Ancient

Forms of Prayer and Worship

At All Saints’, we offer contemporary and ancient forms of prayer and worship. We know that God speaks to us in the spiritual language of our ancestors as well as the fresh expressions of our children.

God is always speaking. Worship and prayer teach us to listen and hold open our hearts that we might resonate with God’s voice.


Learn more about opportunities to participate in personal and community prayer, including the Daily Office, Centering Prayer, our Prayer Labyrinth, and ways to Make a Prayer Request.

Human beings are made to live in cycles of work and rest, labor and renewal — we are sent out and then God gathers us back in.

These ancient practices were explored and developed by early Christian monastic communities. They recognized the need for a prayer rhythm and created a Rule of Life to serve the whole community. Today, we invite you to join us and develop your own rule of life that includes, daily, weekly, and seasonal practices to nourish your soul and equip you to serve in the world.

prayer and worship at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland


Join the Choir

Join the Choir Do you love to sing? Have you sung in choirs before? Are you new to choir and unsure of what’s required? Join us!! “Join the Choir Sundays”: March 10, 28, & 30, [...]

Join Us For Online Worship

Join us for worship online at the church’s Facebook and YouTube locations, every Sunday at 10am.

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