Pastoral Care

All Saints’ is a church that values living out the commandment to
love one another.

People need to feel that they are known and loved, especially when they are living through a time of transition, change, or suffering. We believe that because Jesus first loved us, we are called to show the same love to one another. This love compels us to reach out to those who are suffering and those who are celebrating.

We hope to create a culture that encourages every member of All Saints’ to see themselves as qualified and called to care for their neighbor. We have a pastoral care structure that seeks to connect with people and offer them the support, prayer, and presence to make their journey more deeply connected to their faith.

pastoral care at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland

Emergency Pastoral Care

A parishioner may experience a life-altering event that causes them to need emergency care, both physically and spiritually. Most often this is in the form of a health emergency that results in being taken to the hospital. But this can also be an emotional or spiritual emergency like acute grief, loss, depression, loss of a job, or suicidal thoughts.

To access care: The parishioner or their caregiver is encouraged to contact the parish clergy. Call the office, day or night, for automated instructions to reach the clergy-on-call.  The clergy will make every effort to visit the parishioner immediately or, if this is not possible, discern when would be the next best time.

In addition to clergy, we have trained lay pastors who are skilled in pastoral care and are called to serve the parish in this way. They maintain the same confidentiality as the clergy and are part of the clergy pastoral care meetings. They work in partnership with the clergy and may be called on in the event that clergy are not available. From time to time, the pastoral needs of the parishioner are better served by the lay pastor.


All Saints’ is currently served by supply priests: the Rev. Dr. Lucy Hogan, the Rev. Elaine Prince, and the Rev. Kay Rice.  If you have a pastoral emergency, calling our main number (301-663-5625) will give you automated instructions on how to reach our on-call coverage.

Lay Pastors

Members of the All Saints’ community who have discerned a call to serve in pastoral care with a “hands-on” presence making visits, praying with people, listening, reflecting, and inviting the community into on-on-one conversation about their spiritual journey and God’s presence. Lay Pastors are locally trained and supervised by the Rev. Elaine Prince. They meet frequently with clergy and other pastoral care leaders.

Long Term Pastoral Care

At some point in life, it may become impossible to attend worship regularly in-person. This can be a result of age, health issues, or reduced mobility. This can also  occur because of a pregnancy complication and extended bed rest, or a premature baby who is under-developed and cannot be exposed to crowds.

To access care: The parishioner or their caregiver is encouraged to contact the clergy, office staff, or a lay pastor and alert them to the change in their ability to attend church. They will also alert the Eucharistic Visitor leadership to assign someone to visit the parishioner with communion on a monthly basis. The Eucharistic Visitor will set up a visitation schedule that serves the needs of the parishioner.

The clergy will visit all home-bound parishioners during the Christmas and Easter seasons. They will also make pastoral visits as health situations change or additional crisis assert themselves.

Eucharistic Visitor

Members of the All Saints’ community who are called to share the sacraments with home-bound parishioners, carrying the altar from the sanctuary into the world that all might be fed. EVs are locally trained by serving with an experienced EV and licensed through the Diocese of Maryland. They are also required to attend training on the prevention of abuse of adults.

pastoral care at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland

We Are a Community of Care Giving

We have 5 Pastoral Care Teams who write cards and/or make phone calls every week to reach out to parishioners who are experiencing life changes. The pastoral care team makes sure that a personal connection is made with people as we are aware of their need. We encourage everyone to share the crossroads, valleys, and mountaintops of the life journey so that we might be present for each other.

Pastoral Care Teams

Members of the All Saints’ community volunteer to serve on one of five care teams that provide support through cards and/or phone calls. Each care team receives a list of assignments for the week and divide up the tasks. Some weeks the assignment is light and some weeks there are many people to be touched by a sign of love. Call 301.663.5625 to be routed to our Pastoral Care team.

Mourner’s Path

Led by facilitators Linda Miller, Doug Tinder, and the Rev. Elaine Prince. Parishioners are invited to join a group of no more than 12 people who will journey together through their grief and into a place of resurrection. The group meets once a week for 8 weeks.  We assemble groups each spring and fall, as long as group size is met.

Parish Prayer List

The parish prayer list is managed by members who attend to the names on the list, adding them when requested and removing them when needed. The whole parish is invited to pray for these individuals – known or unknown – offering their need and our care into God’s hands that we may discover blessing in the midst of our struggle.  There are both public and confidential prayer lists to suit to individual situations.

Healing Prayer and Anointing

A team of people rotate between the Sunday worship services to offer prayer anointing with oil and prayer for those who come to them during communion distribution. Usually, people come for prayer either before or after receiving communion themselves.  During this time of Covid, we have suspended hands-on healing prayer.

Meal Train

Meal Train is a loosely organized group who are willing to make meals for those who are recovering from illness, experiencing a loss or life change, on bed rest, or any other life event that makes it difficult to have healthy meals for your household.

To volunteer or receive meals contact Rebecca Couture.

Prayer Shawls

Prayer Shawls are knit by parishioners, and are filled with love and prayer . These shawls are distributed to those who are experiencing a more long term illness and welcome the comfort of a lap blanket/shawl. They are also distributed to new parents for cuddling babies.


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