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Missions & Outreach

The Ministry of Outreach:
Love in Action

With whom are we being called into a deeper relationship?
Who are our brothers and sisters? What gifts might we share with one another?
How might we learn from each other? How is it that outreach transforms us, as individuals, as a church,
and as a local and global community? These are some of the questions that guide and inform us in the ministry of outreach.


If you sense a need, a longing in the community, pay attention. Ask yourself, “how is God calling me into relationship with others?” Perhaps you can be a bridge between All Saints’ and the broader community. Share your thoughts with others and invite them in. Much of outreach starts at a grassroots level. Outreach ministry leaders meet quarterly to share ideas and to plan next steps. All are welcome at these meetings, currently held on Zoom. Watch the weekly eblasts for specific dates and times.

outreach ministry at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland

Community Outreach Drives

Over the past year All Saints’ has supported Centro Hispano, Frederick County Senior Services, The Frederick Community Action Agency, Gale Recovery House, Heartly House, The Religious Coalition, SHIP, and Advocates for the Homeless.  During the pandemic, donations are dropped off in our church parking lot. How are you called to participate?

The Religious Coalition – October 2023

The Religious Coalition - October 2023 For the Month of October, we will be collecting supplies for The Religious Coalition, which will go to support families in need in Frederick County.  There is a table [...]

Hyderabad Mission

Learn about how we are being called into a deeper relationship with Pastor John Vicliff, his wife Sudha, and their community in Hyderabad, India. During the pandemic we have been able to help Pastor John buy food for people in his village. Funds have also been raised to help a worshiping community save their church. The walls have been repainted with brightly colored murals and scripture verses in Telugu and in English. We have been able to meet with Pastor John and Sudha via Zoom, sharing challenges and joys, hopes and dreams. We are beginning to dream of traveling to Hyderabad!

Support the Religious Coalition’s Beyond Shelter program

In 2019, The Religious Coalition purchased a vacant farmhouse at 7516 Hayward Road from the City of Frederick. This farmhouse will serve as the new home for the Emergency Family Shelter. With over 9,000 square feet, this property will allow a comprehensive, single-site shelter program, offering the stability that families experiencing homelessness need. Conveniently located, our new Emergency Family Shelter will provide temporary housing and supportive services to up to 50 of our neighbors in dire need every day of the week, around the clock. This will bolster our ability to meet needs as they arise.

Regional Deacon for Frederick County, Kathleen Smith-Jones, is spearheading an effort to raise $10,000 over the next two years for this purpose. She has signed a pledge for that amount in the name of the Episcopal Churches of Frederick County. We already have a $5,000 match and believe we have the resources to raise the other $5,000 over the next two years.

outreach ministry at All Saints' Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland

Pray……that we may be still enough to listen to the Holy Spirit, and then courageous enough to act in love.

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