News from the Diocese

Bishop Sutton has announced that the Diocese will begin a search for a Bishop Coadjutor, and that he plans to retire in 2024.

The Standing Committee is now accepting nominations for the 12 remaining members of the Search Committee, six to come from the clergy order and six from the lay order. We encourage self-nominations and nominations of others. There is a Bishop Search page on the Diocesan website ( The nomination form will be found there, as well as the Standing Committee’s Charge to the Search Committee and a list of the skills and experiences that we believe would be most helpful. The deadline for nominations to be received by the Standing Committee is October 13, 2021.

It is important to note that the Standing Committee will look carefully to make sure that the full range of Maryland’s diverse members is represented.

Briefly, the tentative timeline for this process includes the following:

  • Diocesan profile available (late spring/early summer 2022)
  • Bishop Nominations open (early summer 2022)
  • Bishop Nominations close (mid-summer 2022)
  • Slate announced (early winter 2023)
  • Meet and greet week (late winter 2023)
  • Election (early spring 2023)

Please pray for the Standing Committee, the Search Committee, and for our bishops as we begin this journey of discernment around the present and future needs of our Diocese.

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