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Love in Action

Many of our Ministries are opportunities to act—to make a difference, to impact the world with our beliefs, to care for those who are sick, in poverty, in prison, or marginalized by our culture. All of these actions have one thing in common: Love.

We are commanded by Jesus to love one another…

Jesus does not mean simply saying nice things and sending cards. Love is a powerful force that inspires us to take action in our world! Our Presiding Bishop Michael Curry has been preaching the Way of Love his entire life. In his book, Love is the Way, he writes:

“Love the sentiment- a nice feeling that rises up inside us- becomes love the sedative. It’s a sweet thing that leaves us complacent and sleepy.

No, the love I’m asking you to discover inside yourself, or to reconnect to, is something fierce. This love is a verb: it’s an action, with force and follow through.

When we pull love out of the abstract, really put it to work, it starts to reveal its extraordinary power.” (Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Love is the Way)


“Love as an action is the only thing that has ever changed the world for the better…

Love is Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, and Josie Robbins. Love is a little girl in Pakistan named Malala Yousafzai standing up to armed men who said that girls shouldn’t be educated… Love is Fannie Lou Hamer, whose contribution to the civil rights movement was honored on the floor of the House of Representatives in 2017… Love is equally the contribution of a woman like Frances Perkins, the secretary of labor who executed much of Roosevelt’s New Deal… Love is a commitment to seek the good and to work for the good of and welfare of others.”

~ Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, Love is the Way, pages 20-23

Recovery Community

Supporting Recovery in Our Community

Addiction is a significant health crisis in any community and Frederick is no exception. Resources to assist people in their recovery from addiction are housed in our buildings because we recognize that no one gets well alone. We need the consistent shelter of a community of love to heal the wounds of addiction in our own lives and the impact it has on our families and communities.

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All Saints' Episcopal Church in Frederick, Maryland


There are many “handyman” tasks that our buildings require and many hours of attention to common maintenance like changing light bulbs, air filters, and battery back-ups. We have all sorts of things that fall onto the list and save the church a tremendous amount of money when a few volunteers can tackle the task with expertise and time.

This volunteer effort to care for the building became the Over the Hill Gang when a regular group of retirees set up a routine schedule of gathering on Tuesday mornings to tackle the our wish list. If you would be interested in joining “the Gang” we would love to see you on Tuesday mornings and we guarantee you will meet some interesting people and see parts of the church building you never knew existed! Contact our Junior Warden to get involved.

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