Local GETTING AHEAD program needs meals!

It’s Back! The wonderful program that “helps low-income families move from dependency to self‐sufficiency through education, self‐assessment, and mentoring experience. The participants will take a look at their current situation and plan for the future all while building relationships, setting goals, and resources to “get ahead”.” This program serves our local community members who generally would be considered our “working poor.” It’s co-sponsored by three local non-profits: the Religious Coalition, Steadfast and The Society of St. Vincent de Paul.

All Saints’ outreach ministry is helping to provide and serve meals on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week until Thanksgiving.

This week, St Mary’s Chapter is providing and serving a meal for the program. We can always use a few supplemental items for each of the meals, so please reach out directly to Katy and/or Jill if you would like to help!

Last fall and this summer (until the program was cancelled) we had wonderful participation from many various groups and committees who coordinated together to provide a meal, and the outpouring of this support was so greatly appreciated by the participants (Investigators) and the local non-profits running this program in Frederick.

Please call/text or email me (jbrow1429@gmail.com  or  301-639-9556) or Katy (kackland921@aol.com) for more information.  If you’re new and want to engage in this outreach, just contact me.  Can’t wait to hear from you!  Thanks in advance for your support.

—Jill Browning, Vestry Member

Getting Ahead Food Drive

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