Historic Renovation Team Update

Being mindful of our charge from the Vestry to develop a plan that will: … review the condition of the entire 1855 building, including supporting infrastructure systems,  and consider renovations necessary to improve the function, utility, and hospitality of the  spaces within in the context of a historic gothic revival episcopal [sic] church… the Historic Church Renovation Committee [HCRC] met on January 24 to consider our status and make plans to continue working toward meeting our assigned task.

We have begun developing a two-part plan that will divide proposed work into two categories, those  needing immediate attention, and major tasks—such as the replacement of flooring—that will affect the  layout of the historic church and will require additional vestry and parish input.

It should be noted that the question of seating in the historic church remains an open question. The  HCRC did not act to remove pews from the nave. The removal of the pews was a temporary solution to  provide more space for the organ and bell tables as required by emergency County, State, and Diocesan Covid regulations.

The next meeting of the HCRC will be held February 21, 2022. Any questions or suggestions you have  about the work of the HCRC can be directed to any of the committee members.


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