Historic Church Renovations: What We Are Listening For

We would like to hear from the congregation what they believe could be accomplished by renovations to the Historic Church Nave and undercroft.

Questions we will be listening for include, but are not limited to, are:

  • What physical areas or systems do you notice need attention?
  • Are there any needs a ministry has using the Historic Church which could be addressed?
  • Are there any impediments to your optimum use of or experience in the Nave or undercroft?

  • Many ministries use the Historic Church and St. Paul’s Chapel, are there ways we could plan intentionally to renovate other spaces in the undercroft to support these ministries. What can you imagine? These ministries include, but again not limited to: the Vergers, Choir, Flower Guild, Altar Guild, Acolytes…

We will listen for parishioner’s dreams that might start with, “It would be great if we had……” Parishioners can share what they have seen in other churches that would make sense for us to think about, particularly those churches of a similar age.

  • What physical needs can we address that will allow us to be open to the public to serve our larger community and invite them in?
  • What physical aspects of our sanctuary fill you with joy and contribute to your experience of communion with God and His family at All Saints’?

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