Historic Church Renovation Update: Nov 19 2021

Since we last reported to you, we have met twice, continuing our exploration of the renovation needs of  our historic church. We have met with our All Saints’ facility manager, Jay Colley, and our parish  administrator, Alyssia Turner. We have also met with Daughters of the King and have scheduled a  meeting with St. Mary’s Guild. We will also be meeting with our clergy to garner their ideas on this  important topic. 

We have been holding Sunday after-service listening sessions to gather any questions our fellow  parishioners may have about the renovation and will host two parish wide sessions this coming Sunday,  November 21 after the eight and ten o’clock services. 

We also plan to interview the youth of our parish about their thoughts on renovation. 

When you participate in a listening session, we ask you to prepare by considering the following  questions: 

  1. What physical areas or systems do you notice need attention? Are there any impediments to your  optimum use of or experience in the Nave or undercroft?  
  2. Are there any needs of your ministry related to worship in the Nave or St. Paul’s which could be  addressed by intentional planning for space in the nave or undercroft? How is your ministry currently  using the undercroft?  
  3. Do you have any dreams that might start with, “It would be great if we had……” Have you seen  anything in other churches that would make sense for us to think about, particularly those churches of a  similar age.  
  4. What physical needs can we address that will allow us to be open to the public to serve our larger  community and invite them in? 
  5. What physical aspects of our sanctuary fill you with joy and contribute to your experience of  communion with God and His family at All Saints’?