The Getting Ahead program

A note to All Saints’ from one of the Getting Ahead program organizers “Please share with your meal providers that we enjoyed and are grateful for all the food they provided with love.”

The organizers of the Getting Ahead program are very grateful to All Saints’ for the wonderful meals and volunteers. This session is now finished and we look forward to the next session in the Fall.

Many thanks to the volunteers for all that you did to help with this great program!

The Getting Ahead program is partnering with local organizations and churches to facilitate a 16-week “kitchen table style” program to help people stabilize their situations and build resources to improve their lives. The goal for the participants (investigators) is self sufficiency in all parts of their lives.

In support of this Program All Saints’ prepares and serves meals as well as packing up leftovers for the investigators and children, to take home with them.

Once the next session starts, we will let you know dates that are available for you to help. Many thanks to everyone for your support!

If you want to help the community by supporting the Getting Ahead program, please contact Katy Ackland,