“Doing What Love Requires” – Stewardship 2022

“Doing What Love Requires” includes the continued financial support of All Saints’, pledging our work, wisdom, and wealth. Prayerfully consider your financial pledge so that we can continue to embody the resurrection story and make a positive difference in our community and beyond. We ask that you submit your pledge by November 21, 2021. Pledge online below, or print a paper pledge card.

What does love require? Love is asking for your commitment to the mission of All Saints’ because you know how much the love of this church is transforming your own life. A financial pledge for 2022 will help us make faithful choices for the future of our mission.

As we near Ingathering on Nov. 21, please pray and consider your own financial circumstances, your ability to share your wisdom, and the work that brings you joy. Our goal for 2022 is to receive at least 200 pledges; increasing giving by 8% and the number of pledging households by 17%. Everyone has different gifts to bring to love’s feast. What is love inviting you to share? How will you be a part of the mission of All Saints’?


TOTAL 2022 PLEDGES (to date) 64 $169,255.22
% as compared to 2021 44% 46%
New Pledges 10 16%
Continuing Pledges 54 86%
Of the Continuing Pledges:
Higher 26 48%
Lower 3 6%
Same 25 46%

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