Discerning Worship at All Saints’: Community Listening Sessions

Sun April 25, 11:00am, Zoom (Meeting ID: 580 235 166)
Sat May 8, 10am, in person, church garden
Sun May 9, 5pm, in person, Baker Park
Sun May 16, 11:00am, Zoom (Meeting ID: 580 235 166)
Sun May 16, 5pm, in person, Baker Park

In late April and early May, we invite you to join us for one of our Worship Listening Sessions at All Saints’. We will discern, as a community, what our future worship pattern and practice may look like. As the world shifts and we begin the transition to in-person worship, we are gazing through the windshield wondering where we are headed and not the rearview mirror. Our life before COVID restrictions is no longer visible, and together, we are creating a new future. Come and discuss these questions with us as we shape the ways we worship God and commune as the Body of Christ. Our clergy, vestry, and Genesis II team will attend these listening sessions and lead All Saints’ towards worship life in the summer and fall.

    1. We have changed our experience of worship dramatically in the past year to keep us connected in worship and prayer while physically distant. As you think about the worship life of All Saints’, what new behaviors and patterns do you notice in yourself and others in response to these events and challenges?
    1. What are the emerging values that these new behaviors point towards or hint at in our church community?   These values may be life-giving and wholesome, or might also cause discomfort for others.  Values we aren’t particularly proud of, or positive values that have a hidden cost.
    1. What are the implications for our worship life and ministry as a result of these emerging values? What kind of worshipping community will we become if we act on these values?

Join Us For Online Worship

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