Diocese of Maryland Suspends In-Person Indoor Worship

As COVID-19 infections are increasing across the country, in the state of MD, and in every county, diocesan leadership is requiring that all indoor, in-person worship be suspended for at least 2 weeks. This means that we will not have a congregation for Sunday worship or Wednesday worship.

Protecting the Health and Safety of Our Community

Rev. Jess and Mother Adrien have been consulting with our own re-gathering team and we suspect that this restriction for two weeks is an optimistic time frame.  COVD-19 infections after Thanksgiving holidays will likely continue to increase. We are preparing to live-stream worship for the rest of November without a congregation. We will make an announcement about December indoor, in-person worship as November unfolds. The safety and health of our community is what love requires.

Join Us For Online Worship

Join us for worship online at the church’s Facebook and YouTube locations, every Wednesday at 5:30pm and Sunday at 10am.