Congregational Singing and the Prayer List

Return to Congregational Singing. At last week’s vestry meeting, after weighing the relative risks and rewards, the vestry agreed with Fr. Ken’s recommendation to resume congregational singing (masked and socially distanced, of course) during Lent.

The Return of the Bulletin Prayer List. After much discussion, we have decided to bring back the prayer list in the Sunday bulletin, though we will be changing the procedure somewhat to make it more manageable for clergy and congregation. So, starting on the first Sunday in Lent:

  • The prayer list will be found in the bulletin between the Prayers of the People and the Concluding Collect (a collect is a summarizing prayer).
  • We will be starting a new prayer list from scratch (people already on the prayer list will need to resubmit their names).
  • Anyone who needs prayer for healing of mind, body, or spirit for themselves or other to send their names to Alyssia Turner and our prayer teams at (as early in the week as possible).
  • The name you submit will remain on the prayer list for 30 days, after which they will be taken off, unless you email us with your desire to remain on the list before the first of the month.

We want to keep the prayer list to grow by accretion until it becomes unmanageable. And trust me from my own pastoral experience, you do not want to be still praying for healing for someone months after they have died.


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