Many thanks go to many people for making the Candlemas Festival on February 3 happen. We can’t name everyone, but we want to recognize especially our chefs and their team, the St. Mary’s bakers and decorators, clergy and support staff, the Altar Guild, the choir, the docents and greeters, the individuals who volunteered in various ways great and small, and to the parishioners who participated in food purchases and celebrating the Candlemas Service. We’re still pulling together figures for revenue so we haven’t yet determined how much funds were raised. We do know that over 100 lunch/dinners were sold and lots of folks visited the Great Hall for hot beverages & cookies. There were 69 people attending the Candlemas Service. Over 80 people, mostly non-parishioners, visited the church during the open house and about a dozen had candles blessed. At the first candle-blessing session Rev. Catherine also dedicated the new oil based pew torches, which were used for the first time. Including children, 28 people experienced the Labyrinth and most of them were non-parishioners. As with last year’s festival, All Saints’ members enjoyed the opportunity to welcome the greater Frederick community into our spaces and spend time in fellowship with each other. THANK YOU, ONE AND ALL!


Thank You from St. Mary’s Chapter