Attention HS or College Students! Scholarship available!

In the 1820’s, a group of All Saints’ Episcopal Church members donated funds to establish an orphanage to support and educate needy children. In the 1940’s, the community’s need for the orphan house declined, so the orphanage was closed, and the sale proceeds were used to establish an educational fund.

Our board strives to award scholarships to Frederick County residents based on need and promise as we administer this fund. Historically, 10 – 15 awards, ranging from $500 to $2500, have been given each year to one immediate family member at a time. Available only at the undergraduate level, these awards may be renewed by students reapplying each year while still an undergraduate.

To apply please complete this online application that can be found using the link below

Completed applications (with required supporting documentation) are due by March 31st. Please review the checklists at the end of the application and carefully follow the instructions. Incomplete applications or applications received after March 31st will not be considered. We will notify you if your scholarship is considered, and we will send you several questions to answer in a small video that you will send to us in place of in-person interviews. More information will be forthcoming. Award decisions will be made soon after the videos are viewed, and the committee meets.

Sincerely, The Board of the EOH Scholarship Fund