An Announcement from Reverend Jess

Dear All Saints’ Community,

After serving as one of your clergy over the past eleven years, the time has come that God is inviting me to serve in a new capacity. I have received a call to be the Rector of St. Anne’s Episcopal Church in Reston, VA.

I am deeply grateful for the years of ministry, service, and life we have shared with one another. Together we have baptized, married, and buried so many beloved souls. We have experienced times of conflict, challenge, and toxicity, as well as reconciliation, redemption, and healing. We have discovered such a depth of resilient faith. We have navigated a pandemic, and found great flexibility and creativity in being church today. Thank you for the many ways you have shaped the priest and person I am today.

I will remain with you all during Advent and Christmas Eve. This will give us a chance to say farewell–to share stories, hugs, gratitudes, and perhaps tears along the way. My last worship service with you will be Christmas Eve. Mtr. Adrien and Vestry invite you to celebrate our ministry together on Sunday December 19.

Thank you for your continued support and much needed prayers as Nick, Emilia, Lianna, and I begin this transition from Frederick to Reston. It has been a joy working with Mtr. Adrien and staff! You are so blessed with such amazing leadership. I see so many ways in which God’s Holy Spirit is stirring among us, and preparing us for the birth of new life at All Saints’.

Peace and Blessings to you,

The Rev. Jessica Holthus,
Associate Rector

Reverend Jessica Holthus

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