2023 Vestry Nominations

According to our Parish Bylaws, “Any group of five or more Voting Members may nominate candidates for the Office of Vestry Member by submitting such nominations, over their signatures to the Registrar at least two weeks prior to the Annual Meeting” The deadline is Sunday, January 29th since the Annual Meeting is scheduled for Sunday, February 12th.

Mark your calendars now, for a VESTRY CANDIDATE FORUM Sunday, Feb. 5th and our annual meeting Sunday, Feb. 12th – both at 11:15!

The Vestry nomination committee is very happy to announce the following seven (7) candidates who are willing to serve as part of your Vestry leadership:

MaryAlice Self

Hello All Saints parishioners. Thank you for taking the time to consider me for a position on the Vestry. In August 2021, my husband Kevin and I began worshiping at All Saints and are looking to become more involved in service to the parish.

I am interested in serving on the Vestry to become involved in the lay ministry of the parish and to grow in my faith as a member of All Saints. As a member of the Vestry, I will bring my gifts of being an avid listener and eager learner. I feel I can offer a fresh and unique perspective on matters concerning the running of this church. I was raised and practiced in the Catholic Church and see many similarities between the Episcopal and Catholic churches, but still feel there is much to learn as a faithful follower.

We have lived in Frederick County for 30 years, raising our three boys in Myersville. After being an elementary teacher, I volunteered at church, school, and on town committees. Currently, I support Kevin with his tax practice, work part-time at the Myersville library, and volunteer as a reading tutor within the Frederick immigrant community.

Jody Deveney

Junctures in our church’s history come about only periodically and yet we’re in the middle of one right now. I believe it is a critical time to be involved and fully present and I have the time and passion to direct my energies to All Saints’ Parish.

These next three years will see All Saints’ engage a new rector. I’m interested in using my previous experience on the Vestry and as co-chairman of the last search team to help see that we hire a person who will take us proactively into a global climate of declining church enrollments. That includes establishing priorities in our programming, building maintenance and budget that will balance putting us on sound footing for the future as well as to preserve the heritage that is All Saints’. I also wish to see us live out our baptismal vows in the Frederick community, not through talking, but through our direct actions. Investing in and involving our youth in what it means to be a Christian assures our worldly future as children of Christ.

As a member of the Vestry, I would bring foremost my love for this congregation and the church. Active involvement in several worship ministries over time such as Altar Guild Chair, chalicists, lectors, and worship coordinators co-chair, gives me a deep understanding of how all the ministries work together to make our worship beautiful and appear seamless. Experience working with many in the congregation brings a knowledge of where the people resources are and where physical resources can be found. Organizing and getting others involved, both new members and reenergizing the experienced, is a direction I feel called to go.

Dave Litrell

I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church. In that tradition, infants are not baptized. Rather, one must request to be baptized after obtaining some level of insight and maturity. I was very anxious to be baptized and looked forward to that holy event. I still reflect fondly on that day. When I think back on the church of my youth, I remain convinced that most churches are filled with good people who want to worship God and live a Christian life. I feel the same way about All Saints. When I first started attending regularly All Saints in 2015, many things convinced me to make All Saints my church home: the liturgy and rituals; the Book of Common Prayer; The Lectionary; but, most truly and importantly, the fine people I met. I was confirmed in June of 2016.

Since that time, I have endeavored to serve God, worship our Lord Jesus Christ and be of service to the church with sincerity and humility. My present functions include: Usher, lector and chalice bearer. I am also part of the restarted men’s group. In the past I have volunteered with the Mourners’ Path program and Vacation Bible School. Before Covid, I was a Visiting Eucharist Minister. I have also helped with the Outreach Ministry (sending cards).

In short, I am interested in serving the church. We are certainly in a transitional period, one filled with challenges. Amy and Joe will leave at some point. This saddens me. I believe we have been fortunate to have them share their gifts with us. However, new leadership is beyond the horizon. The Vestry therefore will be very important to represent our needs. As we get past the effects of the pandemic, I believe that our numbers and our ability to do the work of God will continue to improve. In the not-so-distant past, our church, it seems to me, was in a period of crises. Now, it seems to me, is a time for optimism. I would like to bring that optimism to the Vestry.

Truly, I have very little when it comes to leadership experience. I have been an Assistant Public Defender for more than 30 years. This role has allowed me to help people, most of whom suffer from mental health and/or substance abuse issues; but my job is more of a “line worker” than a manager. The question, though, still remains: What are my gifts? After giving this a lot of thought, I believe that my gifts are having compassion for others and always making an effort to be a better listener. I am also committed to serving the church.

I was happy with the Vestry’s last church-wide forum and would like to see more of that: keeping our parish family informed. While I am honored to be considered to serve you as a Vestry member (and thank those who asked me to submit my name for your consideration), I have also looked over the names of the other candidates. I am convinced that they are all fine people, all worthy of your consideration and each capable of serving on the Vestry and representing our interests. I ask that you give everyone your prayerful consideration.

Leonora Laryea

I am Leonora Amerley Laryea and an immigrant from Ghana, West Africa. I came to Frederick in 2010. Prior to my relocation to the US, I had been here between 1979 and 1982 with my parents at a time my father worked at the Ghana Embassy in Washington, DC. Before relocating in 2010, I worked with Peace Corps Ghana for twenty-four years as an administrative assistant.

I was born into the Anglican church so when I came to Frederick, it was my desire to join the Episcopal community. After worshipping at three different churches, I decided to stay with All Saints’ in 2011 where I felt welcomed. I started attending the 11 am service but I had to change to 8 am when I started working on Sundays. I have been a member of the 8 am service since then.

I am an usher, a lector, member of the altar guild, verger, formerly worship coordinator, and recently a part of the children’s formation team and member of the Daughters of the King. In all of these areas that I have served, I have been committed, reliable and passionate.

I am really honored to be a nominee for the position of Vestry member. Offering services to the church is something I like to do. As a Vestry member, I know I will bring the same passion, reliability and commitment to the activities of the Church when and wherever I am appointed to serve and to help make it a place for people to always feel welcomed.

Robert Cramer

All Saints is a family, and its buildings and grounds are a place of sanctuary. I want to use my experience to help navigate the changes that are ongoing in the parish and help direct and manage those changes to progress the work God calls us to do for our parish family and our community.

I bring 42 years of experience working with highly creative people in the aerospace industry. My experience in budgeting, business management and personnel management has taught me to be adept at listening to the various sides of any issue in order to arrive at balanced decisions.

I also bring my experience as a Sunday school teacher, youth leader and music ministry team member, serving at All Saints’ and another Episcopal church in the Frederick area.

As a history major in college, I have a deep regard for the history and the traditions of the church and see the value of balancing the traditions of the church with the needs of a changing society.

I have found a spiritual home at All Saints’ which is a centering point for my life. I would be honored to serve as a vestry member to help facilitate the important changes which will preserve the health of our parish. I have found that when all sides of an issue get a fair hearing and there is reasoned, thoughtful decision-making, the church can become stronger and support its vital ministries.

Tom Koerner

I feel honored to have been asked to run for a vestry position. I have been a member of All Saints since my wife Elizabeth and I arrived in Frederick in December of 2018. I will never forget our first mass on Christmas Eve. The warmth and spirit on that day told us we had come home and has enriched and sustained us since. I became an Episcopalian at All Saints converting from the Roman Catholic church and my faith has been deepened by all the resources available and the example of the clergy and lay people that make up the church.

I would like to serve on the vestry to give back to the community that has nourished me and to ensure that All Saints remains a strong and faith filled church. At All Saints I have served on the Healing ministry, Outreach committee, Youth Formation and currently am very involved in the Men’s Group.

As far as my personal background, I have been married to my lovely wife Elizabeth for 40 years and I have three sons and 4 perfect grandchildren. I am a Pediatrician at Frederick Pediatric Associates.As far as helpful life experience I was vice president of my prior practice in Newport News which was a 5 million dollar a year business.

Jaime Harris

Hello, I am Jamie Harris. I am interested in serving on the Vestry because I have seen first hand the powerful impact All Saints can have on the lives of its members and its community. There are many examples of this. For those who come here, there are workshops such as Walking the Mourner’s Path that can help someone through the loss of a loved one, formation classes for adults and children, the Pastoral Care team, healing services, prayer lists. In our community, All Saints frequently works together with other churches and community groups to provide resources for those that need them. I’ve seen Blessings in a Backpack, food and supplies donations to Centro Hispano, and meals for Getting Ahead just to name a few things that All Saints does for the community. This church does great things. In my time here I have helped with some of these. I want to do more to give back to All Saints and help the church thrive.

In order to do great things, we need leadership that can think creatively about ways we could meet the Church’s goals such as hiring new clergy, increasing membership, serving the needs of the parishioners and their families, and serving the community. I am a person who works very well with a team and who recognizes that we all have different gifts that we bring to the table. I am a problem-solver by nature, I am well known for “thinking outside of the box” and coming up with creative ways to solve an issue. I’m relatively new to the Episcopal Church, so I bring a fresh perspective which helps me avoid the “that’s how we’ve always done it” trap we can sometimes fall into. I also understand the doubts that newer members who aren’t sure if All Saints is the place for them yet are having and how we can reach those people more effectively. I look forward to working with the Vestry and the church as a whole to move All Saints forward.

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